What happens when you crash?

A step-by-step guide to crash repair, including claiming from your insurance, assessors reports, engineers reports, the repair process and all of the details in between.

Ok, so your car's been in an accident?

  • This idiot just came out of nowhere...
  • This wall just came out of nowhere...
  • It was like that when I got there...
  • It was the kids...

What happened doesn't matter, it just needs to get fixed!

At this point you're probably wondering what you should be doing and who you should talk to. Well, this is our advice.

Non-insurance repairs

We also repair vehicles that are not being claimed through insurance channels. Give us a call and we will help you through the whole process.

1. Call your insurance company

They can advise you further on the details. Inform them that you would like your car to be repaired with
Peyton Crash Repair.

We do work for all of the major insurance companies.

2. Call Peyton Crash Repair

We can tow in your vehicle if it is not driving, alternatively just bring your vehicle to our garage.

3. We do our thing

1. We prepare an estimate of work, which we send into your insurance comany.
2. Your insurance company will send out an assessor to view your car and approve the estimate of work.
3. Work can commence once the assessor's report has been approved.
4. We can provide a courtesy car if it is required and if it is covered by your insurance policy.

4. You get your vehicle back

1. It looks perfect, and it's sparkly clean.
2. You drive away.
3. All payment is processed directly between us and the insurance company.

5. Spread the word

Maybe you got referred to us by friends or family. Well if you're happy with how your vehicle turned out, tell your friends. Also, keep our number handy, because we do more than just crash repair, you might just need us again.